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Introductory Post

Name: Stoney

Age: 17 years

Location: Near Bozeman, MT. USA

What Boulder Level You Climb At: V9-V10ish

What Level You Climb At: 5.12c on trad lead. 5.12d+ on sport.

How Long You've Been Climbing / Bouldering: 8ish years.

Home Crag: Roadside Rocks, New Rock, Spire Rock, Dragons Back, Mahogany Rock, Gallatin Tower, and Roadcut Rock.

Home Boulder Area: Whiskey Gulch

Favorite Climbing Area: Anywhere.

Favorite Bouldering Area: Whiskey Gulch, probably going to be HP40, and LRC by the end of this summer though, or possibly Bishop and J-Tree.

Name Some Climbing Areas You've Been To: Most any place in Montana.

Name Some Boulder Areas You've Been To: Peace Rocks, Whiskey Gulch, Spire Rock, Whitetail Rocks.

Place You'd Like To Climb: Yo, J-Tree, Norway, RRG, Alaska, Tibet, Patagonia, and Chile.

Place You'd Like To Go To Boulder: Bishop, HP40, LRC, J-Tree, and Hueco.

Any Routes On Your Tick List / Goals: Whatever I look at tommorrow besides my couple V11 projects. A 5.13b project called last dance and a 5.12d trad lead called Nuclear Energy.

Any Interesting Experiences: Lot's of funny aid climbing stories lol.

Any Pictures You'd Like To Post Of Yourself:
or for my general photos.

If you would like to know anything else about me, I keep a fairly well updated profile at
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